I have over 25 years of drumming experience in a wide range of styles. I have taught individuals of all ages and abilities. I have a degree in Jazz Performance (Humber College, Toronto) and a Bachelor of Arts degree (University of British Columbia, Vancouver). I have performed across Canada and the UK, participated in many recording sessions, and continue to perform regularly in clubs, theatres, concert halls and outdoor stages.

It wasn't long ago that I was a young musician in a high school music program. On (very) rare occasions, professional musicians "sat in" on our classes, offering direct insight into the specific charts we were playing. Without a doubt these were some of the most useful lessons I ever had in a high school band setting, where even the most qualified and experienced teachers often have limited knowledge of the skills and perspective required to play the drums.

By offering drum tutorials tailored to your music program, I hope to:
1) inspire and fuel an elevated interest in music among students
2) make marked improvements to the standard of performance in your band
3) provide young musicians with real insight into education opportunities and a career in music

I propose to do this through a combination of in-class sessions (working with drummers and the rhythm section while you instruct the class) and drum workshops held outside of class (during lunch or after school) where I can address broader topics and focus on instrument specific skills. Ongoing one-on-one instruction with students is also an option. I will work with you to make sure lessons are relevant to the goals you have set out for the band, and that the material I give the students relates to their course work.

~I have had numerous criminal record checks as part of past work with young people, and I am happy to again undertake a criminal record check if required.
~I am a full-time working musician and full-time dad with two young children. I began teaching young people in music and athletics when I was 19 years old.

As a working musician, I am fully aware that there are limited resources being invested in the arts. But as a strong proponent of the role of fine arts in education and individual development, I believe this type of opportunity is too valuable to be missed.

For this program, I am setting a general rate of $50 per hour, irrespective of the number of participants in your class. If you are unsure of making a significant committment or don't have the financial resources for an expanded program, even a 1 hour "in class" session is a worthwhile educational investment and a great chance to assess the value of the program. Rates are negotiable. If you would like to schedule a series of sessions, certainly we can discuss a bulk rate.

I am available to anwer any questions you may have or discuss your specific requirements. Please email me or call 778-686-4352.

Bryan Deans,
Music Director
St. John's School

Mark Kelso
Head of Percussion
Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
416-675-6622 ext. 3401